Office Automation

Saving You Time And Money.

Dohdoh Design and Development is committed to our clientele, and invested in their success. Through office automation practices, we are able to assess our client's needs and implement practices designed specifically to keep their business running at the highest possible efficiency levels.

Examples of Work

Building Industry Association of Washington

Summary of work:

  • Membership and Enrollment Database
  • Injured Worker (Workman’s Comp) Claims Management Database
  • Education Class Scheduling Database
  • Marketing Database
  • Data-driven website designed in ASP.NET
  • Integration of all databases with Microsoft Outlook for Sending Reports as Attachments

We designed and currently maintain a set of client/server database applications for BIAW that leverage the native functionality of Microsoft Office and the power and security of Microsoft SQL Server. Each of the separate applications employs a Microsoft SQL Server data store, and incorporates multiple Microsoft Office Automation features, including:

  • Automatic imports of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (e.g. downloads from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industry), with pertinent data updates to internal tables.
  • Highly optimized forms for accessing and updating claimant data
  • Automatically trigger reports, customized and filtered for individual users
  • Reporting to outside stake-holders via automatically generated emails with attached reports in PDF format.
Pepsi Northwest Beverages

Summary of work:

  • Purchase Order Tracking and Shipping Forecasting Tool
  • Manufacturing Order Tracking (for maintaining floor inventory of raw materials need to fulfill client orders)
  • Optimized Dock Reports for Streamlining Product Loading for Shipping
  • Integration with Corporate Enterprise System via Imported Excel Reports

We created a custom reporting application for two bottling and labeling production plants owned by parent corporation PepsiCo: one in Tumwater, WA and a second plant in Seattle. The primary purpose of the application is to analyze data from the corporate purchasing and production system and produce daily reports for managing floor inventory, manufacturing orders (to stock raw materials needed for production), and customer purchase orders (for shipping).

Jennie Patton, Attorney at Law

Summary of work:

  • Client and Case Management Database with Time Tracking and Contact Notes
  • Integration with Staff Outlook Calendars for Client Appointments
  • Integration with QuickBooks for Client Payment History

We designed a custom client case management database for Jennie Patton’s Office that integrates seamlessly with each user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar. Using the database, the office receptionist is able to quickly find available meeting slots and create Outlook appointments for clients in any worker’s calendar. Appointments details concerning the client name, the type of appointment and other pertinent details are automatically generated by the database, based upon the current client record.

Carlyon Beach Homeowners Association

Summary of work:

  • Billing Statement Tool
    • Integrated with QuickBooks
    • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook for Sending Billing Statements as Attachments
  • Septic System Pump Scheduling Tool
    • Maintains a highly complex schedule of pumping dates and produces daily route reports for pump truck drivers.
  • Custom CMS Website
    • Created custom website that allows Carlyon Beach employees to update and maintain.

Carlyon Beach is a secluded beach community of about 600 properties with approximately 400 homes located near Steam Boat Island, WA. None of the homes are connected to a city sewer system, and drain fields are generally NOT allowed due to the close proximity of the Puget Sound. The Carlyon Beach Homeowners Association (CBHA) therefore provides a private septic system pumping service, with each home on its own periodic pumping schedule. The number of days between pumping can range from as little as 7 days to literally several months, depending on occupancy.

We designed two custom databases for CBHA: one to help them produce Daily Pumping Schedule reports for their pump truck drivers (based upon which properties are scheduled to be pumped that day); and a second one for their Accounting department that imports QuickBooks data and produces monthly billing statements for pumping services and membership fees. For most of their clients, the database automatically generates Outlook email messages and attaches the current statement as a PDF document (some still prefer mailed statements).